What Does Worker Compensation Insurance Cover?

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What Does Worker Compensation Insurance Cover

Worker compensation insurance provides you with health security if you get injured at your workplace. Coverage includes your hospital visits, medical bills, surgery, and other such expenses. Your worker compensation insurance will cover the following expenses;

Medical Expenses

One of the benefits of worker compensation insurance is that it covers your medical expenses. If you get any injury at the worksite, in that case, all of your medical expenses, including the emergency room visits, doctors fees, worksite to hospital travel expenses, will be covered by worker compensation insurance. In severe injury, the worker compensation insurance also covers the surgery expense and other such hospital expenses.

Even if your work nature is to visit your customer’s place and get injured there, the worker compensation insurance will still cover your hospital bills.

Lost Wages

Sometimes, the employee gets a severe injury at the workplace that prevents them from returning to their work for the days, sometimes even weeks or months. In this situation, they usually face a financial crisis as most companies do not offer paid medical leaves. But the worker compensation insurance makes sure that you spend your resting days without worrying about the expenses. They compensate a part of your income until you fully recover and able to join your workplace.

Funeral Expenses

In some cases, the injury at the workplace may be fatal. Now, worker compensation insurance will be responsible for bearing all the funeral expenses and providing death benefits to beneficiaries.

Lawsuits Expenses

Sometimes an unpleasant conflict happens between the employer and the employee, and the employee decides to case a lawsuit against the employer. In such a case, to prove himself innocent, the employer has to hire a lawyer and bear other legal expenses. Worker compensation insurance protects the employer from such situations.

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