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An impotent insurance policy offered by PNC Insurance is Business Owners’ Policy (BOP). Business Owners’ Policy is a widely sought insurance option for businesses and organizations all over. BOP is a combination of two other insurance policies, business property insurance and business liability insurance. Business Owners’ Policy helps protect a business against claims arising due to theft, fire and natural disasters. Additionally, it covers claims that may arise due to the day-to-day operations and activities of a business like physical damage, bodily harm, damage to property, and others. 

As a business, consider opting for this insurance policy if your business has a physical location, or if there is a potential chance that a customer/third party gets hurt from your business operations (like physical harm from machinery). Also, if you possess physical assets like inventory, furniture and office equipment, or even valuable data/ information, BOP is the ideal insurance policy for your business. Business Owners’ Policy is smart, useful and convenient. 

PNC Insurance offers clients the facility to customize the insurance package by adding additional items to their BOP based on different factors. These factors include size of business, industry the business operates in and the business’ unique needs. At PNC Insurance, a typical BOP package can include any or all of following items: commercial property insurance – designed to cover your business against harm that may happen to own/leased/rented buildings, equipment, inventory, furniture, fixtures, etc.; general liability insurance – designed to cover your business against claims for causing harm to a person or property; business income insurance – covers your business against losses caused due to unforeseen suspension of day to day operations and activities; data breach coverage – helps protects your business in case of loss/stealth of valuable information about customers, clients, employees, partner, etc.; and professional liability coverage – designed to cover your business against any other claims like negligence, errors or mistakes.


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