We offer renters insurance all over Texas, including Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Fort worth & El Paso

PNC Insurance also provides Renters Insurance. This type of insurance is also known as tenants Insurance. Renters Insurance is designed to cover our clients who have rented apartments houses, or condominiums against loss or damage. It protects tenets as well as their belongings against unexpected happenings. 

Renters Insurance with PNC Insurance provides protection for tenets, their personal items and belongings for accidents and incidents like fire, smoke, storms, theft, and more. Items that are covered in a typical Renters Insurance policy include furniture, appliances, clothes, computers, TVs, and others. Other items covered under this insurance are personal items and belonging placed in garages, patios, decks, attics and storage rooms. Additionally, Renters Insurance includes coverage of accidental damages our client causes to someone else’s property. Also, it can include coverage of medical expenses for the damage/injury our client causes to third persons while they are visiting 

The cost of purchasing Renters Insurance with PNC Insurance varies depending on the level of coverage and the type of policy a client purchases. The price of Renters Insurance also varies based on other factors like burglar alarms, smoke alarms, security guards, smoke alarms, and others. Clients whose living spaces are properly equipped with these measures are offered discounted rates. 

It is important to note that tenets who are in possession of valuable items like gold jeweler, diamond jeweler and watches, coin collection, and gems needs to acquire special coverage for these items as they are not covered under Renters Insurance. Moreover, Renters Insurance does not provide protection against loss or damage that happens to the building itself like window, roofs, walls, sides. Also, motor vehicles that you keep in your rented apparent or house like boats, cars, autos, and aircrafts are not covered by Renters Insurance. 

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