Workers Comp Insurance in Texas

PNC Insurance also offers Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Also known as workers’ comp., this insurance ensures that lives of employees working in an organization or a business are safe. In the instance of an employee incurring injury or harm, Workers’ Compensation Insurance helps them recover fully by providing as many resources/benefits as possible. 

Workers’ Compensation Insurance minimizes damages an employee incurs in the aftermaths of work related injury or illness by providing them benefits like missed wages, expenses needed for medical treatment, rehabilitation support costs, and death benefits. Workers’ Compensation Insurance provided by PNC Insurance covers injuries the employees of an organization get on the job or while acting on employer’s behalf. Most common work-related injuries include sprains, slipping and tripping injuries and wounds and bruises; Workers’ Compensation cover all of these. In addition, Workers’ Compensation Insurance also covers physical injuries employees incur due to occurrence of following events at the workplace: natural disasters, violence, terrorist acts. Workers’ Compensation also covers illnesses or diseases employees may develop from processes/materials at the workplace like exposure to harmful chemicals.  

When employees accept the benefits provided by Workers’ Compensation Insurance, they forsake their right to sue their employer.  Workers’ Compensation Insurance issued by PNC Insurance will not cover damage/injury that occurs due to intentional harm caused by a business/organizations to its employees. This can include physical assault, emotional abuse, fraud, defamation and others. Also, Workers’ Comp does not cover intentional injuries caused by employees himself. 

In the United States, each state has its own set of laws governing their workers’ compensation programs. These laws are made in view of several factors including geographical location, types of businesses, work conditions, risk factor attached to businesses, etc. These laws govern which organization type –state run agencies, private firms or state itself – will be delegated with the task of issuing Workers’ Compensation Insurance policies. These also determine whether Workers’ Compensation Insurance is mandatory or optional, and what types of businesses, organizations and professionals are exempted from it. Workers’ Comp. is optional in the state of Texas. 

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