PNC Texas is one of the leading insurance agencies in the United States that offers quality services at affordable cost. The professionals at PNC Texas are always ready to help clients get the right insurance policy for themselves. They offer personal, business, and commercial insurance. PNC Texas is well-known for providing three exemplary services in helping business owners get their business insurance.

What Is Contractor Liability Insurance?

Contractor liability insurance is a part of business insurance that covers and protects the business of a private contractor and any unexpected misfortunes. The contractor liability insurance helps you sit back and be confident without worrying about your business mishaps. It also covers the damage or injury to your physical business location and your employees.

Why Do Contractors Need Insurance?

If you are a contractor, then you know those who depend on your clients also depend on you. They are always looking for you to get their project completed on time with perfection. We cannot prevent unexpected tragedies, but we should be prepared to face them. As you are dealing with small and large businesses, you have a large quantity of record for them. To protect your business assets and the records of your business and clients, you must have insurance that covers all these types of losses.

What Kind of Insurance Should a Contractor Have in Texas?

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Liability insurance covers all the damage claimed by the third party that has occurred by the contractor. With liability insurance, the contractor does not have to pay from his pocket. The general liability insurance covers the physical injuries, and damage caused by the contractor.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance covers the expenses of the injuries that happen to the working staff during his working hours. Hiring insured workers make your life easy as you do not have to pay their hospital bills in case of on-site injury.

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