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What Type of Insurance does a Painter Need?

Whether you provide your painting services for homes or commercial buildings, as an individual or you own a painting business, you must have insurance for your business to cover you and avoid any possible lawsuits.

Most people do not consider that being a painter, you still face risks. Why would you need any insurance if you do not deal with heavy machinery or own a large business?

A painter needs insurance in case they suffer from financial losses or personal injury. Here we will be discussing the different types of insurances that a painter should have.

Insurance for Painters

1. General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a must-have insurance policy for all individual painters and painting companies. It covers compensation for damages that may occur on your job site.

For example, a client may claim compensation in case of physical injury or damage to his property. You might incur an unexpected situation by a client, and you must prove yourself innocent by fighting the case. Here you are forced to bear the unexpected expense of hiring the lawyers and proceeding with the case. These all expenses can be compensated with general liability insurance.

2. Worker Compensation Insurance

This insurance policy is of utmost importance, especially if you have employees. It covers the medical bills and expenses of anyone injured on a job site.

3. Commercial Auto Insurance

Under this policy, you will be compensated for the damage to the business vehicle due to an unforeseen accident. It also compensates for expenses if your vehicle causes injury to someone else.

4. Contractor’s Tools and Equipment Insurance

This insurance policy helps you replace your painting tools if they get damaged, lost, or stolen.

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