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Life insurance is a type of insurance through which the insured guarantees stability for their family in the event of death or absolute permanent disability.

Today no one doubts the advantages of taking out life insurance that protects our interests and those of our family.

Within the life cycle of a person, there are unforeseen events such as illnesses and accidents, but we have the opportunity to anticipate the economic needs that result by taking out life insurance. Taking life insurance is a smart decision.

The main objective of the insurance is the protection of loved ones, including ourselves, ensuring that, in the event of any unforeseen event, we can maintain a quality standard of living.

The insured companies offer their clients different coverage for the following types of life insurance:

  • Individuals: it is the type of life insurance in which a person insures his family’s future.
  • Company: life insurance for companies is a type of insurance that provides future stability for workers in the event of death and absolute and permanent disability with a capital.

Advantages of life insurance

1) Family Protection

Life insurance offers us peace of mind and confidence by having the certainty of having financial support in the most difficult moments, such as a death that drastically reduces the family’s economic capacity. When you are gone, financial responsibilities do not disappear, they become an additional burden on your family.

2) Personal protection

What if I do not have family obligations? In that case, Life Insurance may include accident or disability coverage. Suffering a disability changes life and normally generates a reduction in income at the same time as an increase in expenses, life insurance can offer a monthly income that compensates for this economic gap.

3) Patrimonial protection

Years of work and planning to achieve a wealth that provides the long-awaited economic stability can be cut short in the event of disability or death.

Life insurance also ensures that cash is available to pay fees, taxes, or professional services necessary to manage an inheritance procedure.

4) Business Protection

If you are a self-employed person or a small businessman, you can guarantee the continuity of your business by taking out life insurance that allows your family to maintain their lifestyle while a new manager is appointed or the company is transferred. In addition, for the self-employed, the life insurance premium is deductible from the personal income tax return up to $ 500 per year.

Other advantages

The capitals received by the beneficiaries of life insurance are not part of the inheritance, therefore:

  • The law allows for a partial self – assessment for that money, which can then be used to pay inheritance taxes.
  • Beneficiaries can be freely designated, and they don’t need to be the legal heirs themselves, for example, it is customary to appoint a bank as the beneficiary for the outstanding debt of a mortgage.

The inheritance can be waived if you have debts, but the insurance beneficiaries will continue to collect their compensation, even if they do not receive an inheritance. For this reason, life insurance is a good formula to leave money for children, even if they have debts (as long as the amount of the insurance premium is not disproportionate in relation to the contractor’s assets).

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