Malpractice Insurance in Texas

PNC Insurance also offers Malpractice Insurance. Malpractice insurance is designed to cater to professionals working in the healthcare sector like doctors, physicians, surgeons, dentists and others. It protects them against claims made by patients for negligence or administration of harmful treatment.

Malpractice Insurance is a necessity for professionals who are providing services in the healthcare sector. In the United States, mortality due medical negligence is amongst the leading causes of death. Every year patients file thousands of lawsuits against healthcare professionals for being negligent and/or for administering harmful treatment which caused more health problems or even resulted in deaths. 

Malpractice insurance offered by PNC Insurance covers everything from lawyer fees, medical damages, punitive damages, judgement/settlement costs, to medical damages. Cost of acquiring Malpractice Insurance from PNC Insurance varies depending on several factors. These include the professional’s experience, specialty, claims’ history, location of practice, and others. Malpractice Insurance covers errors or mistakes made by the healthcare provider during diagnosis, during treatment or as part of consultation given for further treatment, after an illness. 

With PNC Insurance, a healthcare professional can opt for any of the two basic types of Malpractice Insurance policies: claims made policy – this type of coverage only addresses claims for injuries that were incurred while the policy was in effect and active; occurrence policy – this type of coverage addresses any claims for losses/injuries that were incurred during the life of a policy even though the policy may have expired/cancelled since. 

In many states, Malpractice Insurance is required by law, and doctors cannot work in hospitals or healthcare facilities without it.  

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