PNC Texas takes pride in being one of the best insurance providers in Texas that offers their services in all kinds of insurance needs. But do you know what the specialty of PNC Texas legal agents is? They are considered as one of the most highly qualified and skilled in dealing with automobile insurance. So if you want any kind of insurance related to your car, PNC Texas must be your first choice.

What Is Garage Keeper Insurance?

Garage keeper insurance is the insurance policy applicable for garages or the small businesses that deal with the automobile. Whether you own a car repairing shop or provides washing services, or just simply have a parking area, you need to have the garage keeper insurance policy.

A garage insurance policy is a must if you deal in an automobile at any time. It will save you from bearing the expenses you might have to pay otherwise if your customer’s vehicle damages or is robbed when it is at your place.

What Does The Garage Keeper Insurance Cover?

Garage insurance policy providers understand that you run a small business. You can’t afford to pay if any unpleasant event might happen to your customer’s vehicle when it is at your garage. This policy will help you save the penalty and the repair cost you might need to pay.

Garage keeper insurance provides the following coverage;

Legal Liability

Often, the garage mechanics do not pay attention to their work, resulting in some damage to the customer’s car. As this is the mechanic’s fault, so the customer asks for the repair cost. If they don’t have an insurance policy, it might lead to a fight that often worsens the situation. But with the garage keeper insurance, the expenses are covered by the insurance provider.

Direct Primary

Sometimes it’s the bad weather or the car’s bad luck that if got damaged by theft, whatever the reason is, if the car is damaged at the garage, then all the repairing expenses will be covered by the insurance provider.

Direct Access

This is similar to the direct primary coverage where the insurance provider pays without considering who is guilty.

How Much Does Garage Keeper Liability Insurance Cost?

Like the other insurance policies, we could not give you the exact price for your garage insurance policy. Instead, it depends on several factors that includes;

  • The services you provide
  • Location of your garage
  • Total number of cars you service daily
  • The coverage you wants

After summing up the cost of factors included above, your insurance provider will tell you the price for your garage insurance policy.

Taking care of someone else’s property is a huge responsibility. Even the car owner brings the car themselves to your garage, but any unpleasant event that happens at your place will make you guilty. PNC Texas offers you the most affordable garage keeper insurance policy to keep yourself safe and secure from such mishaps.

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