We Offer Car Insurance in Texas

Another common and widely purchased insurance offered by PNC Insurance is Auto Insurance. Auto Insurance is designed to protect car owner from damages incurred during road accidents. If your vehicle is secured with Auto Insurance, you will not be liable to pay large out-of-pocket sums in the aftermaths of an automobile accident.   

Auto Insurance is not mandatory in all states. However, many states make it mandatory for car owners to acquire minimum coverage (which is different for different states). Coverage provided by an agency like PNC Insurance can include: a) property coverage – this includes the damage caused to your vehicle by a third party; b) medical coverage – this includes expenses for treatment of physical injuries, rehabilitation supports, funeral expenses, etc.; c) liability coverage – this includes the costs of making up for damages you cause to someone else and their vehicle. In addition to the minimum coverage limits set by state, many car owners acquire additional coverage to fully protect themselves from damages. In case of leasing or financing a car, most lending organizations require that buyers acquire certain types of Auto Insurance for the car. 

With PNC Insurance, coverage, cost of your Auto Insurance and the premium you pay will vary depending on several factors. These factors include gender, years of driving, age, road violations’ history, and others. Clients are given the freedom to customize their Auto Insurance policies in accordance with their individual needs and budgets. 

A typical Auto Insurance policy that you purchase from PNC Insurance will cover the car owner and his/her family members. This policy also covers instances where you are driving someone else’s car like the car of a friends/relative. Similarly, your policy can cover a friend or a relative driving your car. However, a typical Auto Insurance policy with PNC Insurance is applicable to and covers only personal driving. It does not cover commercial driving i.e. engaging your vehicle in commercial use. Examples of commercial use include using your vehicles for making deliveries or using it to generate income through services like Uber.

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