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Home insurance seems like one of those unnecessary things. Why pay for risks that are not as frequent, such as fire or theft? Just because of the “what if?” If you think like this, it is because you still don’t know everything that home insurance can do and how it can help you solve all kinds of problems in your day-to-day life. Having home insurance is having peace of mind. But also, enjoy many advantages that, perhaps, you have not yet discovered. Get to know them all with this guide.

Home insurance is the best way to save

In a house, things are continually spoiled. Between accidents, unforeseen breakdowns, and maintenance needs, there can be many times when you have to call in the help of a professional: a plumber, an electrician, or someone who knows how to repair a blind. Whether for claims covered in the policy (water damage, electrical damage) or for included guarantees (repair of electrical appliances, a handyman at home), home insurance has the advantage of covering most repairs compared to the financial outlay of hiring a professional for every problem that arises. Therefore, it should be seen as a large investment rather than an expense.

If you value your things, protect them

When you take out home insurance, you don’t just protect your home. If you decide to secure the content, you also protect your things. And we are not referring only to objects, without more. Because home insurance also allows you to include high-value assets such as jewelry or great importance for you and your work and leisure, such as your computer equipment. Thanks to coverage such as theft and electrical damage, you will be able to obtain total protection on this type of property. Protection that guarantees you capital as compensation, either intended for repair or replacement, as the case may be.

Much more than repairs

Coverages such as computer assistance (from technical help to intervention in the case of digital bullying), the different home help services provided by some companies, advice (legal, for pets, for gardens, etc.), and many more are those that show that home insurance is about much more than repairs.

If you have tenants

Home insurance is even more useful when the house is rented. And it is that, in addition to offering the usual coverage of the multi-risk home policy, it takes into account specific risks, such as the loss of rentals in which you recover the unpaid rents, if a tenant refuses to pay. This guarantee is complemented with the legal defense that you will need to file an eviction claim and thus recover your money, if the judge rules in your favor. In addition to these guarantees, insurance for a house for rent can include other very useful ones, such as material damage due to vandalism by the tenant. Home Rental policy covers the most common risks, in addition to material damage to the tenant, and provides complete legal protection.

You never get stuck

Having a great company covering your back is a huge relief. Especially in those moments when an incident can disturb your life. Imagine, for example, that an accident leaves your home uninhabitable. Home insurance, in addition to taking care of the repair (always, of course, that it is a position included in the policy) can pay for your stay in a hotel or, if it is going for a long time, the rent of up to a whole year in a temporary home. Or a less serious assumption: you have lost your keys, and you cannot enter.

Because it is better to live quietly

For all the reasons mentioned, it is clear that home insurance’s main advantage is living more peacefully knowing that before (almost) any problem related to your home, you can have a solution. You live better knowing that what you have invested in it is also protected. And even more so if that protection also has to do with your family. Because a home is the micro-universe of a family. And you live better in it when you have the peace of mind that home insurance provides.

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