Daycares are as different as the children you care for, and our insurance policies reflect the uniqueness of your business. Your daycare insurance cost and policy will be specific to your needs; home daycare insurance costs will be different than those of a commercial center, and locations and services can also have an impact.

The cost of daycare insurance starts at $40 a month. General liability insurance for a daycare costs most of our customers an average of $700 annually, or $60 per month. For professional liability coverage most customers pay on average an additional 4-8%, which is reflected in the total policy cost.

However, your specific daycare insurance cost will be based on a number of factors, such as where your daycare is located, how many employees (if any) you have, how many children you care for, and more.

Still, there are some costs that remain consistent for all our customers. You can rely on the fact that you can pay monthly or annually for your daycare insurance, whatever you prefer. There are no extra fees or hidden costs. You can depend on $0 deductibles on all our daycare policies, regardless of which level of daycare insurance coverage you choose. You can even benefit from unlimited, free certificates of insurance, available online whenever you need them, even if you need to add an additional insured.

Whichever of our policies you select, you can be sure that your insurance provides the coverage that you need to work and expand your business with confidence. Take a look at the information below to get an idea of some of the daycare insurance coverage that we offer, but make sure to get a quote to find out what your daycare insurance cost would be. You can get your free daycare insurance quote online now and buy your insurance in just a few minutes. It’s available 24/7.

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