“Other Health Services” is a broad category that covers many health-related businesses, but does not belong to any particular category. These businesses can include nutrition counseling, health coaching, medical billing, medical transcription, and many other services. Due to the fact that the risks and liabilities of each type of service can differ, it is important that business owners in this group work with an insurance professional to determine the right coverage to protect their risks.

Nevertheless, there are common risks and liabilities that can apply to many types of “Other” (Health Services) businesses.

  1. Professional liability: Businesses may be accused of providing poor or negligent services that result in injury or harm to clients. These types of claims can be costly and professional liability insurance can protect your business from these financial risks.
  2. General liability: Businesses that provide “Other Health Services” may be subject to general liability, including slip-and-fall accidents on their premises. These types of claims can be covered by general liability insurance.
  3. Cybersecurity: Businesses that are “Other Health Services” may store, transmit, or transfer sensitive personal information. Businesses could be subject to significant reputation damage and costs in the event of a cyber-attack or data breach. Cyber insurance can protect you from these kinds of risks.
  4. Property damage: Businesses that are “Other Health Services” may suffer property damage from fires, floods or theft. Insurance can cover the cost of replacing or repairing damaged property.
  5. Business interruption: A business that is forced to close temporarily because of a covered event (e.g., a natural catastrophe or an equipment failure) could lose income and incur additional expenses. These costs can be covered by business interruption insurance.

Business owners who have “Other Health Services” insurance can help to protect their business and themselves from these and other liabilities. Business owners should consult an insurance professional in order to determine the right insurance coverage for their business.

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