Many businesses depend on common and specialized equipment to create products and complete their work. Equipment that isn’t working can prevent you from being productive. Poorly functioning equipment can also affect your ability to work effectively. Insurance is essential to protect the equipment that is vital to your success.

You should consider whether your business can afford to replace damaged equipment, or even if it is able to pay for the repair of stolen equipment. Even simple events, such as a power surge or employee error, can cause serious damage that could threaten your business.

Equipment Insurance FAQs

Equipment insurance protects you in the event that equipment fails. Insurance can pay for the repair or replacement of equipment and other costs associated with getting your business back in operation. For example, your computers and electronic equipment can be included in the same insurance policy.

In the event of equipment failure, a policy should cover loss of business income. Insurance can pay for the replacement of spoiled stock or damaged raw materials due to equipment failure. If you depend on your website for customer orders, equipment insurance or business interruption insurance may cover income loss.

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