A Notary Public business should have business insurance to protect against potential financial losses caused by errors and omissions, fraud, or other unforeseen events. Some common things that can go wrong in a Notary Public business include:

  1. Errors and Omissions: Notaries can make mistakes when performing their duties, such as not properly identifying a document signer or notarizing a document that is later found to be fraudulent.
  2. Fraud: Notaries may be targeted by scammers who try to use their services to commit fraud, such as forging documents or impersonating someone else.
  3. Reputation damage: Notaries may face damage to their reputation if they make a mistake or are accused of fraud, which can lead to a loss of business.
  4. Cyber-Attacks: Notaries may face cyber-attacks or data breaches, which can lead to the loss of personal information or financial loss.

By having business insurance, a Notary Public can protect themselves from financial losses caused by these and other potential risks.

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